Waterdrop Empowerment Box - 12 drops
Waterdrop Empowerment Box - 12 drops
Waterdrop Empowerment Box - 12 drops
Waterdrop Empowerment Box - 12 drops

Waterdrop Empowerment Box - 12 drops

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Lime / Green Coffee / Baobab

When that overwhelming feeling from juggling too much begins to creep in, FOCUS is there to support your mental performance, nervous system and overall performance. The refreshing citrus aroma of fresh lime with the tang of green coffee is ideal for a quick pick me up, keeping you focused while adding a surprising twist to a flavour you love.

► Contains the valuable vitamins B1, B5, C

► Helps your mental performance

► Supports your nervous system




Blackcurrant / Elderflower / Açaí

As the pressure builds throughout the working day BOOST steps in to deliver an infusion of energy.The rich taste of blackcurrant and elderflower fused with the Brazilian superfood Açaí creates a delicious boost of essential vitamins for when you need it most.

► Contains the valuable vitamins B6, B12, C

► Helps you reduce fatigue and tiredness

► Supports your healthy metabolism





Pfirsich / Ingwer / Ginseng

To make sure that your youthfulness is more than just skin-deep, YOUTH supports your skin to maintain that healthy glow.The juicy sweetness of a summer peach blended with the warmth of Asian ginger and ginseng is the perfect balance for a youthful glow. Not sugar, just spice, and everything nice.

► Contains the valuable vitamins B3, B7, C

► Healthy youthful looking skin

► Supporting growth of nails and hair



Cranberry / Rosehip / Moringa

For those moments when you let your guard down, DEFENCE is there to support your body and mind. The tasty tang of cranberry paired with the vitamin bomb rosehip, ignites your senses. With an added dash of moringa from the African miracle tree, this blend of vitamins is your front line of protection.

► Contains the valuable vitamins B2,B7, C

► Supports your immune system and your eyesight

► Your daily dose of energy