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StudioFifteen offers a diverse mix of personal trainers, all internationally qualified, and each boasting different areas of expertise and experience. Scroll through their profiles below to find your match!

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We have enlisted the best of the best to deliver these modules, qualified instructors who share our fitness philosophy and vision for our brand. 


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Meet our in-house Personal Trainers


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😊 I'm Ben, a seasoned Level 3 personal trainer with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry. For me, training goes beyond aesthetics; it's about fostering a balanced and active lifestyle as we age.                                     

Who I Am: I'm deeply passionate about guiding individuals towards holistic wellness through tailored fitness regimens. My approach emphasizes sustainable, enjoyable exercise that enhances both physical and mental well-being. 

What Training Means to Me: Training is my lifestyle choice, enabling me to maintain vitality and resilience as I grow older. It's about more than just a workout; it's a journey of self-improvement and empowerment. 

My Beliefs: I advocate for inclusive fitness, believing that everyone can benefit from regular exercise. My goal is to inspire individuals to embrace the transformative power of training, fostering a supportive community where goals are achieved together.

- UK Qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer Certification
- Pad Work Certified
- Kettle Bell Training Certified
- Suspended Movement Certified
- Pre and Post Natal Fitness Certified
- With my expertise and dedication, I'm committed to helping you realize your fitness aspirations and lead a healthier, happier life. Let's embark on this journey together



Book a slot with Kyra! 

Hey there! I'm Kyra, and I've been passionate about fitness since I was 19. As part of the StudioFifteen's team since its establishment in 2015 and currently the facilities active manager, I've dedicated myself to helping others achieve their fitness goals while prioritizing holistic well-being.

Philosophy: Fitness, to me, is more than just physical exercise. It's about nurturing mental and emotional health, promoting longevity, and fostering functional strength for a pain-free lifestyle.
Approach:I believe in genuine connections and creating a supportive, enjoyable environment. With a touch of creativity and humor, I make sessions both effective and fun, inspiring clients to surpass their limits
- Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health
- Longevity and Functional Strength
- A Pain-Free Lifestyle
    - CYQ Certified Level 2 Gym Instructor
    - CYQ Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer
    - APPI Certified Pilates Instructor in Matwork Comprehensive

      Ready to embark on a transformative fitness journey? Let's work together to achieve your goals and unlock your full potential! 




                  KENNETH EKEZIE 

      Book a slot with Kenneth! 

      Hi there! I'm Kenneth, a passionate personal trainer dedicated to helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. For me, training is more than just physical exercise; it's about empowering clients to embrace a holistic approach to wellness and unlock their full potential.

      Who I Am: I'm a compassionate and experienced trainer with a focus on personalized care and individualized approaches to fitness. With a diverse background in health and wellness, I bring expertise, enthusiasm, and empathy to every session.

      What Training Means to Me: Training is a journey of self-discovery and growth. It's about pushing boundaries, overcoming obstacles, and fostering long-term habits that promote overall well-being. I believe in a holistic approach, emphasizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

      My Beliefs: I believe in creating a supportive and inclusive training environment where clients feel empowered and valued. I prioritize understanding each individual's unique needs and goals, tailoring my methods accordingly. Sustainability, consistency, and gradual progress are key principles in my approach.


      • Level 4 qualified Personal Trainer
      • UEFA B Fitness Coach
      • Bsc in exercise, Sports & Health
      • Msc in Exercise & Sports Science
      • 5+ years experience in the field

      Let's work together to achieve your health and fitness aspirations!


        ENDI VEIZI

      Book a slot with Endi! 

      Hello! With over 5 years of experience in the fitness industry, I'm dedicated to helping individuals achieve holistic well-being through personalized training.

      Training Philosophy:

      I view training as a pathway to self-awareness and continual improvement. My focus is on addressing postural issues and enhancing both physical and mental performance.


      1. Self-Awareness: I emphasize mindful movement to deepen the connection with one's body and promote informed decision-making.
      2. Postural Correction: Correcting posture is key to preventing discomfort and injuries, and I prioritize it in my training approach.
      3. Performance Enhancement: I believe in optimizing physical strength and mental resilience through tailored training programs.
      4. Continuous Growth: I advocate for embracing the journey of continual improvement, setting realistic goals, and celebrating progress.


      - Athletic Trainer Bootcamp MASC Level 1 “Strenght & Conditioning”
      - Athletic Trainer Bootcamp Level 1 MASC “OCR Specialist”
      - Functional Training Level 1
      - ATS Strength Training Specialist

      Join me in unlocking your full potential and thriving in all aspects of life through personalized training. Let's start this transformative journey together!




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