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Fitness Classes


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This high intensity, fast paced workout will help you tone your body and shed fat. What to expect? A high energy and fast-paced class involving moving your way around different exercise stations performing each exercise as many times as you can in a set amount of time.


Every Minute on the Minute i.e EMOM classes are types of interval workouts where you perform a specific amount of exercises at the start of every minute for a set amount of time. This effective high intense workout can be scaled to meet the needs of everybody participating in the class depending on their training goals and abilities

Muscle Up

Muscle-Up is a fun, invigorating workout that utilises barbells dumbbells and other tools to tone and strength all the muscles, giving you a full body workout. What to expect? A slower paced class focussing on improving muscular strength and technique

Curls ‘n’ Crunches

We’re not just talking about regular old bicep curls and ab crunches here. No No No. We’re talking push ups, chest presses, overhead presses, and you’ve guessed it crunches.  This Class will help you tone up as it challenges your major muscle groups, while you squat, press lift and curl, and also a series of planks and twists all designed to strengthen your core at a medium intensity.


Transform your body with this awesome metabolic circuit. What to expect? A series of exercises following the as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) protocol. Go hard or Go home. This class guaranteed, will help you build muscle and improve your muscular endurance, cardiovascular health and conditioning.

Body Blast

A fun and high-energy class using body weight, resistance and cardio to shape and tone your body. What to expect? A high intensity class, incorporating challenging cardio segments, resistance training, and intense core work to blast your body into shape!


It does exactly what it says on the tin. Metabolic Conditioning. What to Expect? A high intense, full body interval style workout designed to train stamina, endurance and conditioning.


Core strengthening, fast-paced intervals and hard-core sweat fests. Can you think of a better way to spend your lunch break? We can’t


Want to improve your cardio endurance and burn some serious calories? Say no more. This aerobic based all body workout will improve your core strength, whilst toning up and trimming down.


Warning: serious calorie burner! What to expect? A combination of compound lifting with a HIIT based class.  This class is designed to burn an insane amount of calories, improve performance, strength and conditioning. Throughout the class you will focus on different exercise disciplines including speed, resistance, endurance and dynamics.

Sweat it Out

Had a heavy Friday night? Long week at the office? Just Sweat it Out! This class will get your heart pumping and a good healthy sweat going enough to forget any bad week or hangover.

Sunday Crunch

Some people like to brunch on a Sunday, we like to CRUNCH. What to expect? An awesome heart pumping workout, and maybe a glass of Prosecco after….

Take a look at our packages for classes
1 Class €10 (you can use the gym @€5 extra on the same day)
8 Classes package - €50 from €80
12 Classes package - €60 from €120
20 Classes package - €80 from €200

All packages are to be used in 2 months. 

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Should you wish to contact the class trainer, Raisa Rossignaud, regarding any queries kindly contact her personally: 

Raisa Rossignaud - Personal Trainer - Fitness classes trainer

Raisa Rossignaud - Personal Trainer

M: +356 7932 6406


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